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Do you want to take your teams to the next level and improve their presentation skills? We have the richest portfolio of presentation training tailored to your specific needs. The courses are customized to the roles of your team members and based on their previous experience. This way, true and tangible business results can be seen immediately.

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They are very different. The public events like seminars and webinars is just sharing our expertise with you – the community. They are completely free and are either in our office or online. You can watch their recordings on our Facebook page, YouTube Channel, or even Vimeo. The corporate trainings are engagements that are highly tailored and customized to your organization and team and cover topics that help you deliver improved business results.

Once we get in touch with you, the first thing we do is we ask you for a 1-hour meeting with the group that we are going to train. The reason why we do this meetings is because we want to hear your needs and see where and what you are presenting. Based on that we tailor the agenda of the course(s) you chosen. We never deliver a predefined agenda for any of our corporate clients! Once we agree on the agenda, we deliver the course and then the second special moment comes! After the course, many trainers leave you to “figure it out”. We don’t do that! As part of the offer and after every training, the whole group receives 1 month of completely free up to 30-minute consulting with us. This is how we show you that we are still next to you and we are ready to help with any question that you have!

Not more than 10. If you want us to train more than 10 people in your organization, we need to organize a second group. The reason for this limit is because we want to deliver results and truly help your teams and in order to do that, we we work very closely with every person in the group.

The length of each course varies and we, as you already probably read above, adapt the agenda based on you, so this “parameter” is very flexible. However, we offer you something very special in that regards. We know that nowadays it is really hard to remove your teams from the day-to-day business operations for a day or two. That’s why, as part of the offer, we allow you to split each training on 4-hour sessions. This way you achieve both – you upskill your people and the business runs smoothly.

Yes, you can. Again – we tailor the content based on your needs. In case you have such a request, we will also advise you which part we need to cover first and which one second, third, etc.

Yes. Each student receives a beautifully-designed eBook with everything covered during the training. Together with that, we are also sending anything that the group requested during the discussions of the course.

The general answer is “Yes”, but in case you have such a request, please mention it in as part of your email below.