How to start and close a presentation

How to Start and Close a Presentation

Have you heard of the primacy and recency effect? Read on…

How to add animation in PPT

How to Add Animation in PowerPoint

Spice up your slides... But don't overdo it.

Staying up to date with video meeting tools

How to Stay Up to Date with Video Conferencing Tools

Tips on how to monitor for updates in the most used…

How to join a call

Joining an Online Meeting the Right Way

Improve the audience engagement in your virtual meeting by…

Tools for audience engagement

Virtual Presentation Tools for Audience Engagement

When presenting online, use technology to recreate the…

Slide design for online presentations

Slide Design for Virtual Presentations

If you really think you need slides for your presentation,…

Body language tips for virtual presenting

Body Language Tips for Presenting Online

Nonverbal communication strategies for virtual meetings.

How to properly organise a call

How to Plan and Organise an Online Meeting

Learn how to plan an online meeting in a way that sparks…

top tips to make a great first impression in a virtual meeting

How to Make a Great First Impression in a Virtual Presentation

Nail these five and make your virtual presentation look…

The choice of background in virtual presentations

How to Choose a Background for Video Conferencing

Your audience takes cues from everything they see on the…

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