Boris Hristov: PowerPoint MVP Award Winner for the 3rd Time

It’s happened again! Boris just won his 3rd consecutive PowerPoint MVP award from Microsoft!

This is amazing news for the entire 356labs team and a huge milestone for Boris, but why does this matter to you? Let’s elaborate a bit on that.

Access to the Product Team at PowerPoint

As a PowerPoint MVP, Boris gets direct access to the PowerPoint development team. You can use that advantage to share your issues, ideas, and suggestions with Boris so he can discuss them with the development team. You might change PowerPoint forever!

Early Feature Access

Boris is one of the first hand-picked people to learn about the newest features and improvements that PowerPoint rolls out to make the presenter’s life better. This means that if you’re working with Boris on a training or a presentation, you will know the newest things PowerPoint can do before anyone else.

Cutting Edge Training & Consultations

One of the most useful factors is that Boris also has a sneak-peek into features and improvements that are still in development and yet to be released. While he’s obligated not to share those, he can adapt and futureproof the consultations and upcoming training events you can book to stay on top of the presentation game.

Good job, Boris!

Join us in congratulating Boris for his persistence and consistency in being a PowerPoint MVP for the 3rd time! It’s not just his achievement, it’s a big win for everyone around the 356labs team and it’s a win that everyone gains from!

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