How to Create an Org Chart in PowerPoint

You’ve surely seen an org chart before. These are diagrams representing hierarchies or, to put it differently, serving as roadmaps of who’s who in a company. Organisational charts are useful in presentations where you’d need to explain the internal structure of a business, the relationship between the team’s roles and responsibilities or visualise strategies.

Today’s article will quickly teach you how to create an org chart in PowerPoint. It’s done using the SmartArt tool which gives you access to a range of customisable layouts and styles. 

Let’s have a look at the basic steps for making an org chart in PowerPoint. 

How to create an org chart in PowerPoint? 

Step #1. Open your PowerPoint presentation and navigate to the slide where you want to feature an org chart. 

Step #2. From the ribbon click Insert > SmartArt. 

Insert Smart Art to create an org chart

Step #3. From the Smart Art group select Hierarchy. (You can choose from a bunch of styles and the best thing is, they’re all customisable).

Choose an org chart style

Step #4. Select your preferred org chart design and click OK. 

Your chosen org chart style appears on the slide

How can you personalise an org chart in PowerPoint? 

Totally. As you see from the picture above, PowerPoint gives you a basic diagram which you can format as you like. Explore the SmartArt Design ribbon to change the colours, shapes and placeholder text. You can even insert your own imagery within the shape to make the org chart even more eye-catching. Just don’t overdo it as applying too many effects on your text or shapes will distract the audience from your main message. 

An org chart created for a 356labs client

See how simple and minimalistic these are? Nothing wild, just a neat hierarchy visualisation.  
By the way, these slides are taken from our client portfolio, you can see more here. 

Now that you know how to create and org chart in PowerPoint, you’ll feel more confident in making your own next time you present to stakeholders. You might also want to play around with the rest of the diagram styles available in PowerPoint and why not even make one from scratch? Alright, alright, we get it, not so fast. 

Until you gain that experience, keep reading our how-to articles and do reach out to us if you have any questions.