Design Ideas Button in PowerPoint?

As we already mentioned in a previous blog post, Microsoft are continuously fixing and improving all of their Office products, including PowerPoint. After showing you Morph, it’s time to jump to something even more interesting which is called Design Ideas. 

Now, what is this thing “Design Ideas”? The idea is simple – Microsoft wants to help you build better slides. How? They want you to click on a button that will analyze your current slide and suggest you a better-looking version of it. Impressive, you would think. What’s more impressive is that they recently said in an article that their goal is that someday you will somehow input your content into PowerPoint, click a button and magic will happen – stunning slides will be created for you. Well, as someone who’s business is related to presentation design, I have my own thoughts on this and they are that we are not even close to this moment because what I believe Microsoft are missing is the fact that creating beautiful yet effective slides is art. It’s a creative process. And as such, it cannot be automatized. 

Going back to the initial idea of the blog post, let me show you Design Ideas and how “magical” it is currently. You will be… amazed in a way, I believe 🙂

Let’s see what Microsoft thinks can be improved in those slides:

YouTube video

Okay, thank you so much for the Design Ideas, MSFT.

Another try, let’s just throw in some stuff on the slides and don’t format, arrange, do anything else. Here’s what happens:

YouTube video

So, take a look at your PowerPoint – you may already have the Design Ideas button. If not, surely at some point you will have it. Once you do see it, experiment. Try and see if Microsoft can suggest a better version for your slides and let us know what happened in the comments! 🙂