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Florian Mueck on Rhetoric, Storytelling and Steve Jobs

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113 corporate clients since 2009, including Jägermeister! "Flo" Mueck from Germany, based in Barcelona, is known as the charisma booster.

Florian is the co-creator of the world’s first public speaking board game RHETORIC, a decade-long collaborator of IESE Business School, and author of 5 books on the art of public speaking. In this episode we talk about the Steve Jobs test, rhetoric devices, storytelling and much more! Trust us when we tell you that you will enjoy it and laugh out loud a lot! You can find more about Florian on LinkedIn, his website or in his recently created yet super cool YouTube channel where he shares presentation wisdom for free!

The Steve Jobs test

When creating slides and you want to know if they are good enough, ask yourself: “Will Steve Jobs approve it?”.

Top mistakes or potential ways to improve

You need to practice. You need to get feedback. What else? Open body language is not there. Everyone is using the Trex position for their hands. Don’t know what this is? Listen to the whole episode and find out!

Engagement in the virtual world

The chat. The chat is your friend. Use it. If you are not using it yet, start doing it ASAP because in the future, everyone who’s involved in presentation needs to understand that they will be hybrid. We are not going back to only in-person presentations. We will continue delivering virtual ones and if you are not ready to adapt it for that environment, you will face serious communication issues.

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