Start a New Google Slides Presentation in 3 Seconds

When you need to start a new Google Slides presentation from scratch, you usually do it in the ordinary way.

The ordinary way:

1. You open your browser
2. You enter your Google account
3. You go to Goole Drive (or open your documents)
4. You select Google Slides from the side menu
5. You click the New presentation section to begin

But you know what, there is another cool way to do it which will save you tons of time and will make a WOW effect among your colleagues!

It’s not twice as fast, it’s the fastest ever!

The superfast cool way:

1. Open your browser
2. Type in any of the following URLs:

No matter the browser, you just need a desktop to do it. You can use Slides App on mobile, which is indeed the fastest way while on the go.

But not only that!

I have many Google accounts, how do I choose?

The next feature will be helpful if you have multiple Google accounts. Now within this shortcut, you have the ability to choose the exact account you want to use for the presentation.

After you type the URL, type in a slash and a number. Number 1 will be for your most often used Google account.

So, let’s not lose more time and slide directly to your new presentation in Google Slides!


So, now you know how to start a new Google Slides presentation in just a couple of seconds. More productivity and design hacks for Google’s presentation tool are coming soon! You should also check the one about emojis in Google Slides!

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