The Beginner's Guide to Google Slides: Share, Present & Export

How to share your Google Slides presentation with your audience? Let’s talk about the different ways you can present your slides and how you can share your presentation online.

One of the most popular features of the app is the simple ability of collaborating with people all over the world on your Google Slides presentation online. Let’s show you how!

Sharing your Google Slides presentation

One of the biggest advantages of Google Slides is its sharing and collaboration options.

You can share and work even simultaneously on the same presentation with your team. Use the comments for discussing topics or even chatting with all the participants in real-time.

To invite a person into your file, click on the big yellow Share button in the upper right corner.

Type in the email of the person and they will receive an invitation. You can also control the level of interactivity – to only read, view & comment or you can provide full editing rights.

Google Slides collaboration

There is also a comments sidebar (comment history window) where all the comments for the document are in one place.

For every comment, each user can add a reply and this will make a thread. There is also a Resolve button in the comment bubble.

Marking one thread as resolved, it will still stay in the history bar. It can be reopened simply by adding a new comment to it.

To delete the whole one, you can find the delete button in the drop-down menu next to the Re-open button on the first comment of this thread.

Google Slides Comments

A cool thing about the comments is that you can add one to a specific object on the slide or even a single word. Just mark your target and hit the comment button.

When hovering on the comment, the exact item will be highlighted, so you can easily make the connection.

Mysterious Wildlife

356labs Blog Google Slides Viewers and Comments

Don’t be scared if you see an alligator or a raccoon among the members instead of profile photos.

When you hover over an animal, you will see a tag “Anonymous Alligator” instead of profile details.

Every time a person who has the link to the presentation opens it, the moderators will see them as anonymous wildlife. This can happen when a document is shared publicly.

But don’t worry – they can only see it in reading mode. No editing is permitted for unknown visitors.

You can also turn off link sharing for a certain file and keep it only for you and the people you personally invite.

Presentation Mode

To present your work, go to the upper right corner and click Present.

Google Slides Presenter Mode

There are some pretty cool options that you can take advantage of in presentation mode.

From showing notes, through using your mouse as a laser pointer, to inviting the audience to participate in a Q&A session.

Google Slides Export

You can download your presentation and spread it in various formats including into a PowerPoint (.PPTX) format, or as a vector (.svg).

Google Slides download presentation


So, that’s the Google Slides beginner’s guide. From here on, we will follow up with more articles going deeper into the presentation design capabilities you get with Google’s app. For example, do you know how to start a new Google Slides presentation in seconds?