How Mac Users Zoom & Highlight during Presentations

How to zoom into your Keynote presentation slides on a Mac? It’s pretty easy using the default zooming functionality in your Accessibility settings.

You just need to set up the exact configuration you’d like to use inside your slideshow when you’re viewing a presentation on full screen.

1. Go to Settings
2. Click on Accessibility
3. Select the Zoom functionality

Mac Accessibility Zoom

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can either toggle the zoom or use the shortcuts to zoom in and out of your Keynote presentations.

Zoom Style

Configure your keyboard shortcuts to zoom into Full screen, Split screen, or Picture-in-picture.

Click on the Advanced settings for your zoom style to choose what happens when you toggle the zoom.


You can customize the behavior between your cursor and the zoomed image as well as some additional effects such as invert colors, smooth images, and more.

Mac Zooming appearance


Customize the way your zoom reacts to different keyboard shortcuts so you can apply the exact behavior you need to fit the goal of your presentation.

You have quite a bit of flexibility such as temporarily toggling the zoom by holding Shift + Alt, or detach the zoom from the cursor with Shift + CMD.

Finally, you can even adjust the exact magnification levels for the zoom you need to use for the exact presentation, so don’t skip this setting.

Zooming controls on Mac

Highlighting key presentation moments

There comes a time when you need to point out something specific on your slides, but you don’t have a pointer and the back rows of your audience can’t see that far.

That’s where apps like Demo Pro, an annotation tool for live presentations that you can use to highlight important information with arrows, lines, drawing, rectangles, or even add a customizable countdown timer.

Drawing & highlights

Once you install Demo Pro on your Mac, it’s gonna be sitting in your menubar where it doesn’t distract anyone. The only interface you see is the controls and the 3 settings of the app:

Line Width: Define how wide you want the lines and annotations to be when you start drawing.
Color Presets: Choose your color palette.
Activation: Select the hotkey method to use for activating Demo Pro.

Drawing Annotations

You can enter any kind of hotkey combinations you feel comfortable with so you can use them to draw annotations during your Keynote slideshow.

Mac Drawing Annotations

For instance, use Ctrl + A and use the cursor to draw an arrow pointing to an object you want your audience to focus on. To undo the arrow, use Ctrl + U, or use Ctrl + X to erase everything you’ve drawn.

You can use Demo Pro for any kind of application or screen annotations, not just during slideshows.

If you’re still in arrow drawing mode, simply use Ctrl + A again to exit.

Countdown Timer

Create build-up and anticipation for the start of your slideshow or do a quick intermission for a short break. The countdown timer in Demo Pro can be activated just as simple as the annotation tools.

Simply use Ctrl + T to make the timer appear so you can start, pause, resume and reset it.

Countdown timer on Mac

Click the settings icon at the top right to access the controls over the message, the time frame, and the color of the text, digits, and buttons.

Zooming on Mac solved!

Zooming and annotations are vital for live Keynote presentations and the speakers who know how to use them have found how valuable they are for an audience. Give them a go, try experimenting with them before you go live and add them to the planning and preparation stage of your presentation.