How to Add GIFs to Your PowerPoint Presentations 

There’s a brilliant ice breaking technique when it comes to presenting, no matter if online or in person. We’re talking about GIFs here, or ‘graphics interchange format’. GIFs are a type of moving images or series of static pictures where an animation effect is applied. While inserting images and videos into your PowerPoint slides amplifies your overall message, adding GIF’s is done mostly for fun. 

Maybe you thought that PowerPoint did not support GIF files? As we’ve said before, PowerPoint is super versatile, and animated GIFs are more than welcome. 

Let us show you how to add a GIF to your PowerPoint presentation. 

1. Insert GIF from your device

Open the presentation and go the Insert option. Click on Pictures > This Device and select the GIF file you want to add to your slides from your computer. Click Insert again and that’s it.  

Add gif from your device

The GIF will appear on your slide as a normal picture which you can resize, adjust and rotate as you like. 

Edit your gif

To test if the GIF runs properly, you should go the Slide show mode from the ribbon and start from the slide you’re currently at.  

2. Insert GIF from an online source

To insert a GIF into your PowerPoint slides from an online source, you should follow the same steps described above, but this time click Online source to browse for the GIF you want.  

insert gif from an online source

3. Determine animated GIF loops

Unfortunately, PowerPoint doesn’t let you choose how many times the GIF animation should play. You need to do that before adding the GIF file to your slides and of course, this works for files stored on your computer. Set the loop time in the settings of any GIF-editing app or web service. 

As you see, adding animated GIFs to your slides is an easy way to spice up your presentation, when you don’t want to insert heavy video files. (We do have an article on embedding videos, if that’s what you want to do). If you’re hungry for more tips and tricks, get our book PowerPoint Tips&Tricks for free.