How to Flip an Image in PowerPoint

So, you’ve decided to use PowerPoint for your next presentation, and you need to quickly learn how to adapt image positions to the general design you have in mind? Maybe you wish a portrait or an illustration on your slide were pointing in the opposite direction? Fear not, you can fix that real quick and we’re here to help you.   

This is your three-step guide on how to flip an image in PowerPoint. 

1. Prepare the image

Select the image you want to flip, and you’ll see the Picture Format tool appear in the Quick Access Toolbar. 

Flip an image in PowerPoint

2. Click on the Picture format toolbar

Select the Rotate option as shown below.

3. Flip the image

From the Rotate drop down, you have two options Flip Vertical or Flip Horizontal. Selecting one of them, you’ll end up with a mirrored image of the original. Left/right – facing like this one: 

or one flipped upside-down with the Flip Vertical.

And that’s it!

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What about Rotate?

If you don’t need to flip the image, you can explore the Rotate option. Select the image, head to the rounded arrow at the top, then move it left or right to the desired angle. Yes, rotating is different from flipping, but it also does the job when you need an image pointing the other way round. 

Remember you can also apply the same steps when flipping a text box or a shape. Just select the object you need to re-position and go through the process described above. 

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