How to Import Google Slides to Prezi Video

Did you know that you can import your Google Slides presentation into the Prezi Video editor with just a few clicks?

Bringing your Google Slides presentations into Prezi Video can make them instantly more engaging and immersive for presenting. Prezi Video gives you the possibility to have your slides on video next to you and present them on a live video call. Or you could also record a video withing Prezi Video and sent it later to others. You have options.

Your audience seeing both you and your content makes the experience of presenting more seamless. Moreover, it looks and feels more natural than having to screenshare your presentation and yourself separately.

Let’s get to it!

Importing Google Slides content is possible both in the online Prezi Video editor and the desktop application. But beware that recording in full HD or going live in a video call happens only through the desktop application. We are going to show you how the import happens on the desktop app.

By the way, if you want to learn more about Prezi Video, check out our podcast episode with, Prezi’s very own Director of Marketing, Spencer Waldron or learn from his Present to Succeed session here.

Importing Google Slides to Prezi Video Desktop Application

1. Open the Prezi Video desktop app or the online editor.

2. Click the Import button on the side panel. Then go to your Google Drive and find your slides. You can also use the dropdown menu in the top toolbar and choose File > Import in the app.

For the online editor, click the dropdown menu in the top left corner.

This screenshot is from the Prezi Video Desktop app.

3. If you have several Google accounts, it will ask you to choose which Google Drive to open.

This screenshot is from the Prezi Video Desktop app.

4. Once in Google Drive, select the folder that contains your Google Slides presentation and click on it. You can then import a single slide or to select multiple slides at once.

Note: In the online editor, all your slides are imported immediately, and you can later remove the unnecessary slides. You can choose which slides to import only in the Prezi Video desktop app.

This screenshot is from the Prezi Video Desktop app.

5. Once you click import, your slides will appear in the side panel added to your video as visuals.

This screenshot is from the Prezi Video Desktop app.

Bonus tip: Change your template

You can also now change your template after importing to Prezi Video.

1. Once your slides are imported, you can select a different template for your video from the three dots menu at the top of the side panel > Choose Template from the dropdown menu. You can then browse Prezi’s collection of designer templates.

This screenshot is from the Prezi Video Desktop app.

2. Click the one you want to use and it will get updated in the video feed.

If you have Prezi Team, you will also see and be able to choose from your branded templates set by the team admin via the brand kit in Prezi.

This screenshot is from the Prezi Video Desktop app.

3. Then, you can change how you present your content anytime with the buttons at the bottom part of the camera screen. You can flip your content horizontally, choose to present your slides full screen, or put yourself as the background of your slides.

You can toggle back and forth these settings at any time, even when presenting or recording a Prezi Video.

This screenshot is from the Prezi Video Desktop app.

You’ve done it!

Now you know how to import any Google Slides presentation and make it more interactive with the help of Prezi Video! You can work with both tools and engage your audience even better.

Prezi Video is a great tool for virtual presentations. And if you want to learn more about this topic, you should get our ebook Presenting Virtually: A Complete Guide to Online Presentations For Business Professionals.

Let us know in the comments if you have any other questions about Prezi Video or Google Slides that we could answer for you!

This screenshot is from the Prezi Video Desktop app.

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