How to Easily Loop a PowerPoint Slideshow

Very often at conferences, tradeshows or seminars you’ll notice that a presentation is being played on a loop creating an informative and engaging background for the event. Wondering how it’s done?

Let’s jump straight to the practical stuff and see how to loop PowerPoint presentations in a few easy steps.

What is a looped slideshow?

It’s simply a PowerPoint presentation (or selected slides from it) that repeatedly plays from beginning to end without the presenter having to press any buttons. Slides are set to start one after the other.

Why loop a PowerPoint slideshow?

Let’s say that not every presentation is suited for looping. Most decks will demand your interference. But there are business situations where it’s ok to loop a slideshow. For instance, during event breaks where PowerPoint slideshows run continuously (like a video being played in the background). A lot of companies use this simple technique for brand recognition purposes.

How to loop a PowerPoint slideshow?

1. Open the presentation you want to run on continuous loop.

2. Go to the Set up group in the Slide show tab.

Learn how to set up a slideshow in PowerPoint

3. Choose the mode of control. You can go with Presented by a speaker or Presented at a kiosk, which is for when you want the deck to run unattended.

Choose the mode of control for your presentation slideshow

4. Click Loop continuously until Esc. to have your deck looping over and over.

5. Click OK.

6. To end the slideshow before you’ve finished the slides, press Esc.

So, this is how you can quickly loop your PowerPoint slideshow and use it to create a brand-consistent ambiance for an event.

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