How to Present and See Your Notes On 1 Screen in Cisco Webex

Some of you have been wondering how you can look at your notes while presenting in Cisco Webex without the need for a 2nd screen. Well, lucky for you and for anyone else who has had this question, here’s a neat little trick to help you deliver a smooth presentation while your audience doesn’t see any of your notes.

All on a single screen.

How to view your notes while sharing your screen

Here’s the easiest way to share your entire screen and see the Notes box without the need for a second screen.

1. Before your presentation starts in Cisco Webex, hit the Share button here:

Screenshot of Cisco Webex

2. Then select Screen 1 as shown here:

Screenshot of Cisco Webex

3. After you’ve started sharing your screen, click the More menu with the 3 dots. From the dropdown menu select the Notes option.

Screenshot of Cisco Webex

Important Note: These notes are your own custom notes, not the ones that go under each slide in your PowerPoint presentation!

See Your Notes While Sharing the PowerPoint App

Another way is to only share the PowerPoint app itself so your audience doesn’t see the rest of your screen.

1. Hit the Share button and select Microsoft PowerPoint to share the app with your current presentation.

Screenshot of Cisco Webex

2. Again, hit the More button and select Notes from the dropdown menu. The Notes box will appear on your screen.

Screenshot of Cisco Webex

See Your Notes While Sharing Your PowerPoint Presentation

This is possibly the coolest feature. You can upload and share your PowerPoint presentation as a file.

1. Hit the Share button and select Share file.

Screenshot of Cisco Webex

2. Cisco Webex will warn you about possible compatibility issues that might come up. For example, if you are using a certain version of PowerPoint, or your file has too many animations or dynamic content for it to run smoothly during your online presentation. Verify that everything is working fine and hit Continue.

Screenshot of Cisco Webex

3. Click on the three-dots button located in the lower right corner. Then select Notes.

Screenshot of Cisco Webex

Now you can see the notes that are underneath your slides. What’s even better is that your audience only sees the presentation while you see the panel on the right, so you can stay on track without needing a 2nd screen.

Simple as that

Start delivering smoother online presentations in Cisco Webex with your notes by your side from anywhere with just a single screen. No need for a second monitor, no need for complex setups. Your notes will be right there without your audience seeing them.

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