KeyNEWS: What's New in Keynote in June 2019

Earlier last month, Apple released Keynote 5.0 which is now the latest update for the presentation software for both iPhone and iPad. Most of the new features are not mission critical, let’s call it, but are much needed and anticipated. Example is the new feauture to save custom shapes for use in other presentations and access them on any device using iCloud. Some improvements were also done in regards to displaying custom wide size slides in various areas of the product.

Here are the three top features of the new update which, however, are not as minor as the previous ones:

Picture copyright: Apple Inc.

1. Make it move

Now you can draw a path with your finger or Apple Pencil to animate an object across the slide. However, from our experience with it, it seems like it is a bit buggy. If the presentation is big and there are a lot of transitions, the app might crash unexpectedly. Of course, all of your changes are saved straight away so you won’t miss anything due to the crash but still, have this in mind.

Picture copyright: Apple Inc.

2. More Animation Functions

You can add emphasis on objects with some action build effects that are new to the mobile version of Keynote including move, rotate, and scale animations. All of the amazing Keynote animation effects you know from the Mac are now available on the iPad. This is pretty exciting, but again I advise you to use them consciously since sometimes Keynote can’t handle them if they are too many.

Picture copyright: Apple Inc.

3. Animated GIFs

Creating and sharing an animated GIF by exporting one or more slides was a new thing with the last update for MacOS. Now, 1 month later the feature comes to mobile too. This means that now you can easily create a gif for your blog or any other place you may need it! Cool, right?

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