Introducing Mario Peshev! А tech entrepreneur who went through multiple phases of bootstrapping businesses. From freelancing, through a startup, to founding DevriX, a team of 50+ building enterprise-grade solutions on WordPress.

Since 2006, Mario has been involved in training activities for organizations like VMware, SAP, CERN, Saudi Aramco, universities, and private academies. Over the years, his clients got in touch for business strategy, inbound marketing, digital transformation, improving operations, scaling teams – and more.

He also writes weekly in his personal blog where he spreads knowledge and creates content on niche subjects like consulting, team management, WP development, and business strategy.

Mario’s latest presentation talk was at WordCamp Bulgaria 2020: 10 Ways of Diversity and Strengthen Your Offering

Favorite presentation tool

Mario told us a story of how Google Slides saved his life at an event once where he had to quickly come up with a presentation on the go. He literally did it on his smartphone right before he went on stage, so there you have it.

Google Slides is also the main presentation Mario uses at his company where he has to present topics all the time, both within the team and in front of clients.

Don't let your ego win

The first mistake Mario suggests you don’t do is let your ego get the best of you. Thinking that being the presenter means you’re better than the people in front of you is a pitfall.

Don’t go out on stage wanting people to believe you’re the guru who knows everything on the topic and has the best possible advice and insights.

Understand who your audience is

Make sure the content and topic you’re presenting are matching the interests and persona of your audience. If you’re at a tech conference, don’t talk about topics that interest people in marketing.

Also, even if you nailed your speech, don’t go overboard on side topics that can take longer than the predicted time slot.

Find your presentation style and own it

Mario appreciates speakers who are mindful of their attitude and have good control over their presentation style. Some people are funny, some are more insightful and inspirational, others are great storytellers, and some are data-driven and punctual.

But the most important thing is to know how to engage the crowd, which simply means having great presentation skills.

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