Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise Icons For Your Presentations

Our post on Microsoft Visual Studio Icons for your future presentations and Visio diagrams got a bit popular. In it, I mentioned that I am working together with Microsoft to figure out if we can make the same icons, but for SSMS – SQL Server Management Studio. As of know, there is no progress on this(the ball is in Microsoft’s hands), but I will keep you updated.

However, obviously not that many people know about the fact that there are a ton of great icons out there that you can use absolutely for free for both your presentations and diagrams, so here we go again. In case you are developing a cloud application or you are in the Enterprise Architecture world, you should download these immediately! Below is just a glimpse of what’s in this icons set:

I hope those will be useful to you! Enjoy and share them with the people around you! 😉

P.S. This set of icons includes not just the above 2 packs. There are icons for System Center, Intune and some that are for Microsoft’s major apps and services – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, etc.