How to Design Mobile-First Presentations in Canva

Canva is quickly becoming one of the popular presentation tools for designing beautiful slides. To make things even better for presenters, they took it up a notch. Canva introduced a brand new set of templates for mobile-first presentations!

Before the official launch last week, Pitch was in beta for a while and the app has already been adopted by companies like Grammarly, Dribbble, Unsplash, Intercom, and over 25,000 more.

Obviously, Pitch is mainly targeting tech startups and smaller agile teams. But what they have accomplished will surely be welcomed by corporate and enterprise businesses due to a few very important reasons. Here they are.

Let’s show you some of the templates and give you vital tips on how to use them. By the end, you will start creating an immersive mobile experience for your branded presentations!

Mobile First Presentations in Canva

You can find the mobile-first presentation templates in Canva using the search on their dashboard. Simply enter Mobile First Presentation in the field in case you don’t see them at first.

Mobile-first is a synonym for visual-first

The design principles behind creating a mobile presentation are a lot like designing a mobile app, or a website. It’s all about the visuals first.

Any written content, headings, and text descriptions are only meant to clarify and support the visual-based journey of the story.

Presentation Mobile-First Template Designs

The templates in Canva give you a ready-to-use set of layouts and color schemes you can customize. You can simply start adding content and images without changing or moving any shapes, placeholders, or objects.

Pick the template that resonates the most with your brand and business niche. Next, you can continue with these:

1. Use your brand colors for backgrounds and shapes
2. Find the fonts used by your brand (You can upload custom fonts in the paid Canva plans)
3. Upload any branded images, photos, illustrations, icons, or custom visuals

Minimal, yet meaningful

To make sure your mobile presentation doesn’t get overwhelming, stick to the content boxes in the templates. Аvoid adding any unnecessary information, content, or images.

The nice thing about Canva’s templates is that they work as small tutorials of how to build mobile-first presentations in general. The slide layouts work as a set of guidelines of how a basic brand presentation should be structured.

Company Summary

Start with a first slide that simply displays the company name. Next, add the main summary and a visual that can be an illustration, a photo, or a logo.

Mobile first presentation templates Canva

This means that even if you’ve never designed presentations before, you don’t need to worry. You can simply go along with the template’s structure and populate the content that you think resembles the main goal of the slide.

Main Value Proposition

The following set of slides you’ll see are all about the problems that your company is solving with the product or services you provide.

The ideal goal here is to be clear, direct, and concise with describing the problems in a way your mobile viewers will understand and relate to.

Mobile first presentation slide layouts

In the next slides, you will be presenting your main value propositions where you list multiple ways your product or service will help the viewer overcome the challenges you mentioned before.

Target Market & Competition

Create a brief overview of your niche and how you position your product & service amongst competitors. Rely on the visuals more and try to be brief in the overviews.

Based on your presentation’s goals, you can change the main slide messages by keeping the layout you see in the template.

For example, if you don’t need to talk about your brand’s target audience and competitors, you can switch things up by focusing on how your company will make a difference for your potential clients.

mobile first canva presentations

Competitive Advantages

Make sure you’re as brief as possible when listing your brand’s top advantages.

Again, if the content you see on the templates doesn’t exactly work for your presentation’s goal – just use the layout structure to present what you actually want to say.

For instance, you can use these slide layouts to describe your process. Meaning how your product or service actually works to deliver the final solution for your client’s pain points.

mobile-first presentation company advantages

Closing words and CTA

The final slides should end with a strong call-to-action that brings closure to the whole presentation. It’s the main action you want your viewers to complete, whether it’s about contacting you, buying a product, subscribing to a service, or visiting a page.

Presentation CTA

The examples in particular are based on a pitch deck where the end goal of the presentation is to win over investors for your company. In your case, you should change the wording and main message to resemble your presentation’s specific goals and Call-to-Action.

Smooth Mobile Transitions

Canva enables you to select a single type of transition to apply to all the mobile presentation slides. This is one more addition to the overall mobile-first presentation experience and consistency for your viewers.

Consistency doesn’t end with fonts and colors

Canva’s templates are a great example of how to use shapes, visuals, and photos to build brand consistency in your mobile-first presentations.

Shapes and other visual elements also help create the need to tap or slide to see what’s coming next. You can notice in the template clip below that some elements like the dotted shapes begin on one slide and end on the next.

This is a UI/UX design technique vital for advancing the story in mobile experiences. It’s used to create the need in users to continue the experience by completing a certain action, such as tapping or sliding.

Canva’s templates provide you with the chance to create a consistent brand experience throughout your entire presentation with more than just colors and fonts.

You get a ready-to-use collection of shapes, typography combinations, text and image placements, and more. Create a visual experience that combines the simplicity of UI design practices with a brand story that’s easy to follow and inspires action.

Ready? Now see how to export your Canva presentation to PowerPoint.

Are your presentations going mobile?

Do you have a favorite template? We hope you try and create something new for your brand’s presentations, but there’s one last important thing to remember. Templates for presentations can sometimes be simple, but brands often have more specific needs.

In case you feel like Canva’s mobile-first templates lack important elements, let us know if you need a more personalized presentation template.

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