Morph: The New PowerPoint Transition

If you have heard or for some reason, you are using Office 365, you may have noticed that all of your software is continuously updated.  As part of those frequent updates, you not only get bug fixes and performance improvements but sometimes even cool new features. This is the case with Morph – a new transition that Microsoft added to PowerPoint that you either already have or will receive very, very soon.

I believe the best way you can see what you can expect from this new transition is by seeing a video, so take a look below. This is Morph “in action”.

YouTube video

YouTube video

To sum it up, one of my favorite transitions is Fade. It’s simple and does not distract your audience’s attention from you as a speaker. I believe, however, Morph is now my second favorite as it’s so close to Fade, but at the same time so different. I am definitely looking forward to designing and presenting more slides with this one and I believe you should too. Good job, Microsoft! 😉

What are your thoughts on Morph? Like it or not? 

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