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The world has changed a lot over the last couple of years. The environment and the way how people get things done, too. However, it’s high time for Microsoft Office apps to get their new face as well and reflect the vivid modern life. The new look, which respects the history but adds a modern touch with simple shapes and color shades, brings the flavor of 3D forms and opens for future opportunities.

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Simplicity and harmony are key visual elements to represent the connectivity and intuitiveness of Office apps, says Jon Friedman, the head of Microsoft Office design. As the Office 365 is used by many people from all over the world, from different generations and industries, working on different platforms and devices, communicating in a new flexible way, it is a challenge to create icons which face all these aspects. Even more, a lot of researches, gestalt principles and tests are hidden behind the new look.  

A primary approach in the redesign is the separation of the two main components of the icons – the letter and the illustrative symbol. Furthermore, Friedman says that they changed the ratio between these two, giving more priority to the visual and emotional connection with the app. However, there will be also versions with only one of the elements. The color palette is enriched with lighter and friendlier hues – “a nod to how Office has evolved”, says Friedman.  

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Don’t wonder if you can’t see the icon of Sway or Visio!  Now that the design principles of the new system are established, it will scale to all the Office apps soon. However, when exactly the icons will be officially launched? – there is still no answer. 

So now is your turn. What do you think about the new icons? Do they represent the Office in a correct and modern way? Even more, will you feel more inspired to use the apps? 

Write a comment and let us know your point of view!


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