With more than 20 years of experience in the field of visual communications, Nolan Haims helps organizations and individuals show up differently and tell better stories with fewer words.

As principal of Nolan Haims Creative, Nolan leads a team of visual design professionals dedicated to all types of visual communications including presentation, data visualization, traditional print, and identity design.

He talks about the common pitfalls and mistakes you need to avoid if you want to create data visualizations, charts, and graphs that can be read in an instant.

Nolan is joining Present to Succeed 2021 to lead the Masterclass: Crafting Data Visualizations That Help You Effectively Communicate Your Story.

Brush up on your tech skills

To be faster with building charts and other data visualizations in your slides, you need to understand how the software works for you. Spend the time to get familiar with your tools and you will be able to fly through the design part of building data visualizations for your presentations.

Understanding data at a glance

If you put up a chart on a slide, your audience needs to immediately know what that chart is about and what the numbers mean. Through design principles and practices you need to do the best you can to decrease the time it takes for your audience to grasp the information.

Creating presentations for accessibility & shareability

Nolan talks about making presentations easily accessible for people with disabilities. Furthermore, adapting to a world that’s constantly on Twitter, making presentations socially shareable is one more step to get you closer to your audience, and to new audeinces.

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