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Oscar Santolalla on Giving Killer Product Demos

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Oscar Santolalla has 15+ years of tech experience. He's now a sales engineer, a speaker, and an author of 2 books that focus on tech presentations and product demos.

Oscar Santolalla is the author of Create and Deliver a Killer Product Demo and the coming book Rock The Tech Stage. After a decade and a half in the technology arena, he embarked on a mission to help people in technology companies present better, inspire others, and sell more.

Since 2014, Oscar has been hosting the public speaking podcast Time to Shine, for which he has interviewed more than 150 communication professionals. He works as a sales engineer at Ubisecure. Born and raised in Peru, Oscar lives in Helsinki, Finland.

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Listen to what he has to teach you about delivering inspiring tech talks and product demos.

Storytelling for inspiring tech talks & presentations

When presenting technology, you not only need to be effective in getting your message across. You also have to inspire your audience to present and sell technology.

How to a killer technical demo

Start with the main message you want to give with that demo. Define it clearly from the start so you can create a story that makes the main message concrete.

Then you need to plan to adjust that message to the people who are expected to be the main users of the software you’re presenting.

Once you have all that done – rehearse it to reach a clinical level of precision with your presentation.

One simple hack for preparing your tech talk

To keep your talk as fresh as possible and always have relevant material for the time you’re delivering it, keep your eyes on the news. Whenever you find an interesting piece of news related to your topic, make a screenshot and collect these screenshots in a PowerPoint presentation.

This way you always have news & facts to help support your points that are up to date with your industry.

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