Meet Pitch -
More Than Just a Presentation Tool

It was about time to see a disruptor to challenge the giants in presentation software like PowerPoint and Keynote who have dominated the market. Pitch is here and they have reimagined the way you can build presentations and collaborate with your team.

“There has been so much innovation in design in the last few years when you consider companies like Figma, and it led us to wonder: Why have presentation tools stagnated?”

Christian Reber – Pitch CEO & Founder
Source: TechCrunch Interview

Before the official launch last week, Pitch was in beta for a while and the app has already been adopted by companies like Grammarly, Dribbble, Unsplash, Intercom, and over 25,000 more.

Obviously, Pitch is mainly targeting tech startups and smaller agile teams. But what they have accomplished will surely be welcomed by corporate and enterprise businesses due to a few very important reasons. Here they are.

Let’s see what Pitch is about

After you visit their website to create an account, the first thing you find is that Pitch can be used both as a web-based app in your browser, or you can download the app on your device.

The next thing you see will catch you off-guard though.

You will be welcomed by a brand new and reinvented presentation design experience. A clean user interface that allows you to focus more on creative work than on trying to find key features.

Screenshot of Pitch

But don’t get fooled by the clean look, Pitch has some serious functionality packed under the hood. It’s designed to give you all the control and design powers you need exactly where and when you need them.

A simple new interface

Say goodbye to the complicated and overcrowded toolbars with tons of tabs and confusing options. No more aimlessly searching for settings that you don’t know how to recognize even if you’re staring at them.

Pitch gives you 3 main panels to use for building your slides:

Content The first panel on the top is for adding your content, whether it’s text, images, or video.
Design The second panel holds the design controls for customizing styles, colors, and formatting.
Templates The third one is on the bottom and gives you quick access to the slide templates and styles you’re using for your presentation.

How to add your content?

These are the main content creation tools Pitch has designed to make it as simple as possible to add your text, images, shapes, icons, data visualizations, tables, and videos. The integrations with Unsplash, Giphy, and Icon8 are a huge productivity booster for professionals who no longer need to search the web for slide design resources.

Screenshot of Pitch

You can also upload your own images of course, but for adding videos you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro plan. Luckily though, you can upload your videos to Vimeo or YouTube and embed them using the integrations that Pitch has provided with the popular video platforms.

The Brandfetch integration, which helps you find free transparent logos of brands by entering the company name in the search is a next-level addition to it all.

Going further, you will see direct integrations with Google Sheets and Google Analytics for your data visualizations. Of course, you can build your own bar, pie, or line charts, but you do have the option to instantly connect your data from those sources to make for a seamless transfer.

Screenshot of Pitch

Pitch also offers icons and stickers with their own style in case you don’t need to stick to a specific brand for designing presentations, but still want to make them look great.

How to customize the design?

When it comes to styles, design, and formatting – you have the right-hand side panel for all of the settings you need to fine-tune your content exactly how you want. You can either toggle through their pre-built styles or you can create your own new style using your brand colors and fonts.

But more on that a bit further down.

Screenshot of Pitch

By simply selecting your element, whether it’s a piece of text, an image, or a shape, you will be able to customize it by clicking the Design button on the top right. It holds the necessary options you need to style your content exactly how you need. Faster and without a learning curve.

Screenshot of Pitch

How to use styles & templates?

The last panel on the bottom gives you control over the templates, backgrounds, styles, and images you can use for each presentation.

Whether you’ve selected one of the pre-built templates, or you’ve started on a blank canvas you still have a range of slide layouts you can start using right away. Half the job is basically done, right?

Screenshot of Pitch

Collaboration in Real-Time

Sharing your presentation is super simple using the Share button at the top right and unveiling a few really handy options. First, you can share a link to anyone you want to open it, but you will need to upgrade to unlock the Public access option.

Nevertheless, by embedding your presentation anywhere on the web with their code, or inviting people using their emails is easy enough for you to spread the word of your epic creation.

Let’s not forget the option to share a specific slide located at the bottom of the sharing panel.

Screenshot of Pitch

But what does real-time collaboration mean?

Well, Pitch has made it possible for multiple users to edit a single presentation at the same time. While communicating online. Through voice and video!

By clicking Live you start an online meeting with your collaborators and each user gets their own cursor so everyone is easily recognisable.

Screenshot of Pitch

While your team is making edits, you can all keep track of the progress using the Workflow options to assign specific users to specific slides and give them their own progress status.

No more sending files over back and forth, having compatibility issues, and communicating edits that can take a fraction of the time they take now.

Screenshot of Pitch

Templates you can actually use

The templates in Pitch aren’t just random combinations of colors and styles that you can barely put so any good use. They’re actually designed with specific ideas and goals in mind. For example, pitch decks, product launches, creative briefs, partnership proposals, and many more.

Stay on-brand with design styles

What about brand fonts and colors you may ask? You got them!

You can upload your custom fonts and add your brand’s color scheme to easily apply your styles anywhere in Pitch with a single click.

Shortcuts that make work a breeze

You don’t need to ask Google or look through busy user manuals to find the shortcuts you need anymore. They’re right there!

The shortcuts in Pitch are so easy to access and use it’s hard to believe. All the major movements, actions, and operations you need to perform are simplified to a level where all the guesswork is taken away.

What about animations?

What’s a presentation without all the transitions and motion effects? No worries, they’re coming soon. Don’t forget – Pitch just launched and they’re trying to help you build truly effective presentations without any effort. Effects are coming soon and you can vote which ones arrive first in their feature request sections for animations and transitions!

Think something’s missing?

Are you happy with what Pitch has done? Are you eager to get your hands on a brand new tool, or you’re still hesitant and unwilling to part with good old PowerPoint? Let us know down in the comments on what features you think should come to Pitch so that it can get your attention!

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