Present to Succeed: The Biggest Virtual Conference for Presenters in 2021

We’re excited to introduce you to Present to Succeed 2021!

Welcome to the first-ever online event designed to elevate the presentation skills of busy professionals who need to pitch ideas and present products & services on a regular basis. If you’re into sales, marketing, HR, tech, management, leadership, or startups – the skills and knowledge you’ll get from Present to Succeed 2021 will evolve the way you share your ideas.

There’s one very special thing about this virtual conference. We’ve seen the opportunity for such an event for years now but never got to spot the right moment to make it happen.

But it was clear that in a world blocked by a global pandemic and professionals stuck working at home, the time was now or never. So we made the choice, found the tools, and got the right people to make this a one-of-a-kind event that’s coming to you for the first time ever!

Why should I join?

If you’re failing to connect with people, then your presentations will fail too.

Whether you’re part of an organization or you’re growing your business, the turning point of your success will always be in how you connect with people.

Whether you’re presenting an idea to your team, you’re at a sales meeting with a client, you’re pitching to investors, or you’re showcasing your product or service, it’s all about how you communicate your main message to the people in front of you.

The goal of a presentation is to change the audience’s mind on the topic you’re talking about. To win your audience, you need a lot of building blocks to work together at the same time. At Present to Succeed, you’ll learn about things like:

  • Storytelling – How to build a compelling narrative around your big idea.
  • Public Speaking – How to present with confidence for a strong delivery.
  • Body Language How to be an influential speaker that can clarify any message.
  • Data Visualization – How to clarify the insights and main takeaway from data.
  • Slide Design – How to visually explain your points by applying design principles.
  • Tech Mastery – How to make the most of the tools for presenting effectively.

Join 30+ Industry-Leading Speakers

For this event, we’ve handpicked over 30 of the biggest experts in the world to turn Present to Succeed into the industry-leading virtual event for business professionals who want to advance their storytelling, public speaking, and data visualization skills.

You will learn from body language experts to polish your speaking skills. You will witness the leaders of the biggest presentation agencies in the world. You will find out about the secrets of building great stories by world-renowned authors and thought leaders. See all the great speakers who will teach you skills you’ll be able to put into action right away!

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Attend 20+ Impactful Sessions

Stand out from the crowd with the exciting skills you’re gonna learn over 2 full days of sessions focused on story, design, delivery, and all the presentation tools out there. What you see at these sessions is designed to be instantly integrated into your workflow so you can feel the impact and results in your presenting right away.

Our founders Boris and Iva are going to be moderating the sessions to help you make the most of them and clarify all the logistics in between. Be ready to ask your questions and take notes because there’s going to be a ton of knowledge to absorb!

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Practice at 4 Masterclasses

There will be 4 masterclasses, 4 hours each, and seats will be limited! This is where you will be putting new knowledge into practice so we can make sure the virtual conference has given you a lot to remember and work with. The masterclasses will be the perfect moment to share problems you’ve been having and asking questions so the masters themselves can help you.

All the Masterclass tickets include the recordings, so in case you miss one – we got you covered! Hurry up and get your tickets before they run out!

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Become an Influential Speaker

The starting price to join the event is just €49! To get lifetime access to all the session recordings you should get the Premium ticket at €79. As for the VIP ticket, it will give you unlimited access to all sessions and all masterclasses forever, as well as a personal session with us here at 356labs after the conference to give you additional tips and personalized advice.

Start connecting with your audience. Begin to influence people to adopt your idea, get on board with projects, use your services, or purchase your products!