How to Avoid Ruining Your Presentation Rehearsal Video

It’s time to present! Did you do enough presentation rehearsal?

Even the most experienced and seasoned public speakers take the time to rehearse their presentation before hitting the stage. To think you don’t need rehearsals is an extreme mistake that can cost you and your business dearly.

We always advise people to record their rehearsal and analyze their speech afterwards. You always think of new ideas and find room for improvements that way. For instance, you can ask your colleagues to be your pretend audience, you can ask a friend, or even your pet.

In case you can’t find a person, then you can present to yourself! Just use your smartphone to record yourself talking into the camera. Pretend there’s a live audience in front of you.

Remember, this is something that’s only for your personal use, so don’t hold back and just be confident. It will help you see any weak points in your public speaking skills and the speech itself.

Before you begin...

To make sure that your recording goes flawlessly, here’s a quick and small tip we like to give our clients and students – enable Do Not Disturb. Both iPhones and Androids have this setting.

Imagine this… you’re rehearsing your speech and you’re almost at the end of the presentation. You’re doing great, feeling happy, encouraged, and inspired by yourself.

Presentation Rehearsal Tips

… and then your smartphone rings.

Your video stops, your rhythm is ruined, and you’re angry at the person who just crushed your flow.

Well, there’s a thing about your device’s Do Not Disturb feature… your Favorites can still call you even when it’s enabled.

To make sure nobody interrupts your rehearsal video – select No One in the Allow Calls From field in your Do Not Disturb settings. You can customize this setting for both Apple and Android devices.

Yes, it’s such an obvious and simple thing, but you can’t even begin to imagine the people whose rehearsals have been ruined by their mom calling them.

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Done rehearsing? Rehearse again!

Practice makes perfect. There are millions of reasons why you should rehearse your presentation before you go live, but for this post we just wanted to emphasize on how to make your rehearsal itself safe from interruptions.