Presenter Coach AI and Direct Slide Linking in PowerPoint

PowerPoint just got a new major update for September 2019! The platform is listening to the community and evolving more and more to enable you to deliver truly effective presentations. Let’s focus on the two highlights of September’s update – slide linking and Presenter Coach.

Link to Slide in PowerPoint Online

It’s now possible to open a specific slide with a single click with the brand new “Link to Slide” feature in the web-based version of PowerPoint.

The new feature lets you share a single slide by linking straight to it. This is so the person viewing it doesn’t have to scroll down the entire PowerPoint presentation to find a single slide.

Optimize your design process by sharing specific slides to get specific feedback faster. No more need to create separate PPT files and upload them manually. Simply get the link to the exact slide and share it across any of your communication channels.

Right-click on the slide thumbnail and select “Link to this Slide”.

Become a Master Speaker with Presenter Coach in PowerPoint

One of the newest AI-based features in PowerPoint is the Presenter Coach. An artificial intelligence system that captures the way you speak while rehearsing. The Coach gives you pointers that improve your diction, speed, word choice, and much more.

PowerPoint Presenter Coach AI

The Presenter Coach opens a ton of new opportunities for PowerPoint users who are serious about presentations.

Pace. You get real-time on-screen feedback with tips like “Try speaking a bit slower,” or suggestions for sensitive phrases.

Fillers. It detects when you use filler words like “umm, basically, etc” and warns you to try and remove them.

Originality. The Coach can detect when you’re just reading from your slides if the content there matches your voice.

The more you rehearse your presentations with the Presenter Coach, the better speaker you become by eliminating weak spots in your delivery.

Furthermore, the on-screen tips can trigger tons of new ideas regarding how you phrase your speech, how you design your slides and arrange the content inside, and much more.

How do I enable Presenter Coach?

Working with Presenter Coach in PowerPoint is so straightforward you can’t miss it.

Presenter Coach AI in PowerPoint

1. You go into slideshow mode and click Rehearse with Coach.

2. Click Get Started to begin your recording.

3. PowerPoint uses your microphone to capture and scan your voice.

4. You begin presenting and speaking into the microphone. Focus on the helper tips that appear in the bottom right corner of your screen.

5. You receive an overall report with the needed improvements at the end of the presentation.

Make sure you try out this new PowerPoint feature to see if you’re making some of the most common mistakes of public speaking and delivering a presentation. The AI-powered Presenter Coach is designed to help polish your presentation skills and keep your audience even more engaged.

Pro Tips

What do you need to complete a successful rehearsal session with Presenter Coach?

 A working internal or connected microphone for your computer.

 Find a quiet place for your rehearsal so the Coach can hear your voice clearly with no interfering noise or people’s voices.

 The closer you are to the microphone, the better your voice gets recognized.

 If you want to save your final report, take a screenshot before it disappears after you close it.

 Coach only understands English for now. Also, it only works when your PowerPoint interface language is set to English.

 Don’t use Coach with two speakers at once. It’s still learning.

The AI-powered feature will keep learning the more you use it and it will come up with new suggestions and helpful tips for your rehearsals.

Presenter Coach AI Results in PowerPoint

Before You Begin

Remember a few pointers before you begin your rehearsal with Coach so you get the best possible results.

 Relax. Take a deep breath before you start and remind yourself to slow down if you get nervous.

 Pick a few transition phrases that you can say between slides, such as “Now, let’s talk about…“ or “Now it’s time for…”

 Remember that you may be excited and passionate about the subject you’re presenting, but your audience may not be on your level yet. Coach will recognize that.

 Pause yourself whenever you feel like it.

 Take a few practice rehearsals with your material before you get started with the Coach.

 The suggestions generated by the AI are simply that – suggestions. It’s up to you what goes in the final presentation.

Headlines or short subtitles are fine but don’t read long pieces of text. Summarize them.

Do you think you're good enough?

In case you tried Presenter Coach and you finished with a flawless result, take the next step and enroll in advanced Presentation Training. Become a master speaker and enroll in our self-paced online courses and corporate trainings!

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