Prezi Next - Icons and Symbols

Icons and Symbols are pictograms or ideograms displayed on a computer screen in order to help the user navigate a computer system or other device (phone/tablet).

Even more, they are comprehensible symbols of a software tool, function, or a data file, accessible on the system. More like a traffic sign than a detailed illustration of the actual object they represent.

Nowadays we are surrounded by icons to understand everything more quickly, for example, our phones use icons for apps. They visualize objects, actions, and ideas. Every icon should serve a purpose. They help the audience to understand quickly the content.

The icons can be used in many situations. In our case: in presentations.

There is a simple way to make your presentation more visual and avoid using bullet points by using icons and symbols.

Steps to add icons in Prezi Next:

1. Go to the area that you want to insert an icon or symbol
2. Click on the menu above Insert, then select Icons & Symbols.

Prezi Next Icons and Symbols.

3. From the window on the right side, you can see that there are icons for free users and for premium. If you are а free user you have to choose icons for light background or those which are for a dark background. The icons for light background need to be darker, not using so much white or light colors. For dark background, you can use white icons or those with a lighter color.

Prezi Next Icons and Symbols for a background

4. After you choose the group of icons, you will see the actual icons. You can see them by scrolling down or if you are looking for an exact icon for example “wallet” you can type it on the search menu.
5. Just double click or drag and drop it on your Prezi presentation. Scale it or rotate it (Ctrl + ALT for Windows users / Command for Mac users) and you are ready to rock.

Prezi Next Icons Scale

In conclusion, I can say that icons help us perceive information easier. We may need less text if we simply use an icon that speaks for itself or supports the content. However, it is also important that the icons you use in your presentation are in one style. In that way, it will look professional and it will not distract the audience. If you can afford custom made icons then you will surely grab the attention of your audience. And if you don’t have the resources, you can also choose free icons and symbols from Flaticon or Freepik.