Recording: Presentation Design Basics for PASS

It all started with this webinar. Everything. The idea. The site. The agency. The team. The mission.

Some months ago I was invited to do a webinar for the PASS Professional Development Virtual Chapter on the basics of presentation design and of course, I accepted. I have delivered a version of this deck for so many people – colleagues, friends, students, companies. I have also recorded a whole course for Pluralsight on this. And that is one more reason why I am sharing it here as our first blog post – I want to make a promise. A promise that this is just the start of an incredible journey. A journey in which the whole crew of 356labs will try hard to help you and provide you as much value as we possibly can. A journey in which we are all going to grow and develop together. Expect a lot from us…

Leaving you here now! Enjoy watching and let us know what you think. We’d love to see your feedback!

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