How to Keep Your Audience 100% Focused with the Slido App

The people behind the Slido app made sure the tool is as simple and frictionless as possible for your audience to participate in your presentation.

No worries, your audience doesn’t have to download or install anything. One of the greatest parts of adding Slido to your presentation is that your viewers can start sending questions and votes in only 3 steps – they open a browser, enter your event code, and start typing.

In the previous post, we talked about time.

Not about how to fit more stuff in less time, but how to use your entire time smarter.

There are 3 methods of interaction you can add to your presentation with the Slido app. In this post, we’ll break down how to grab and keep the audience’s attention with questions, polls, and quizzes that immediately raise the quality and impact of your presentation.


Eliminate anxiety, waiting, and pressure.

Anyone can ask a question. Let the most clever and popular questions go on the screen and use your Q&A time to give the answers that will make the biggest impact.

Not to worry about getting irrelevant or inappropriate questions from your crowd too. That’s covered with the moderation feature that lets you easily filter out any questions you believe won’t contribute to the presentation.

Audience engagement gets a healthy boost when you display the top questions people asked during your Q&A session or during your presentation.

Increase the number of questions your audience can ask by allowing people to go anonymous to eliminate the fear of “asking a stupid question”. Your participants can type and send their questions in absolutely no time.


Stop counting hands. Make each vote count.

Engage everyone and take the guesswork out of the conversation. Get live insights on the people in your audience and understand what they want and need right there, right then.

Let your audience weigh in on the topic you’re presenting. You can ask for your participants’ opinions, let them vote instantly, and then share the results of what the crowd thinks.

You can choose different poll types and create new ones on the go in seconds. Instead of making people raise their hands, now you can let each person in the crowd vote and then visualize the results on the screen so you take the guesswork completely out of your point.


Don’t be boring. Make learning fun and competitive.

Give the audience a challenge and watch as the whole crowd goes from poker faces to smiling and laughing. Use the Slido app to design an engaging quiz, share the results, and announce the winners for a grand finale!

A bit of competition always livens up the place and encourages the crowd to participate and focus their cognitive abilities much more. Liven up the meeting room, classroom, or conference hall to make your presentation fun!

The quiz features include leaderboards, “hardest questions” success rate, and a timer that’s coming soon to add some pressure with a time limit.

Awesome, how do I do it?

Let’s show you how to actually do all of that with Slido for your presentations. Start by creating an account on their website so you can see how to create an event and follow the steps below as we’re revealing them.


Before you continue: See the guide on how to add Slido to PowerPoint & Google Slides presentations – view here.

Slido Basics for Beginners

Both you and your audience have to take just a few extremely simple steps to get Slido running. You need to create the event on their website, and your attendees need to enter a simple code in their smartphone browsers.

All you need to do...

Create a Slido account and then create a new event.

Give your event a relevant name, set the dates and the most important thing is to enter an Event code that’s short and simple to type by your audience.

All your viewers need to do...

Your audience simply opens any browser on their phone, go to and enter your Event code.

That’s it. Let the fun begin!

Slido Presentation Mode

This is your presenter interface where you can enable moderation to filter out inappropriate or irrelevant questions, see votes, and control the polls and quizzes you’ve prepared.

This is the place where you can see the number of votes each question got from your audience, so you know where to focus and what to leave for later. The other data your event generates is located in the Analytics tab where you can see active users, engagement, and poll votes.

Use the Slido Event settings to enable and disable the different features. This is where you can customize the controls of your questions, polls, and the rest of Slido’s interaction opportunities.

Customize the interaction experience for your audience. Add logos, setup themes, and personalize the entire Q&A view to keep consistent with your brand.

Slido for the win!

So, as we said in the first article, the Slido app is a total game-changer. Presenters, trainers, managers, and anyone who needs to make their presentations more conversational can now engage their audiences more effective. In the next post, we’ll talk about their free and premium plans, and more specifically which one will work for you. Stay tuned!