How to Add a Slido Poll in PowerPoint & Google Slides

Slido polls, questions, and quizzes are a game-changer for your presentations. As you already learned from the previous articles on use cases and features, Slido is as easy to use as it is powerful.

Let’s show you how to use the Slido app for your PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations to captivate your audience’s focus and attention.

How to Use Slido in Google Slides

To complete this action you need two things – a Slido account and a Google account. Assuming you’re here, chances are you already have both. So let’s begin!

Step 1: Open your Google Slides Presentation

Once you’re looking at the interface, select the Add-ons menu and click on Get add-ons.

Slido Polls for Google Slides

Step 2: Find Slido in the G Suite Marketplace

This will reveal the G Suite Marketplace where you need to find the Slido add-on. Open it and Install it.

Slido app for Google Slides

Done? Awesome.

Step 3: Explore the Slido Sidebar

From now on you will have the Slido app available in the Add-ons dropdown menu in your Google Slides presentations.

Go ahead and click on Add-ons > Slido for Google Slides > Open the sidebar.

Slido for Google Slides

Step 4: Install the Slido browser extension

This will reveal the Slido integration on the right side of your slide. You need to install the browser extension which is the second step of the process.

Hit the Install button in the Slido sidebar.

Slido for Google Slides

Step 5: Connect the extension and Slido app

After you add the Slido add-on to your browser, you will be able to get access to the app’s features without ever leaving your Google Slides presentation.

Quite neat, right?

Slido for Google Slides

You can create and run a Slido poll in seconds without losing time and momentum. Simply click the Create session button whenever you’re ready and you can choose from any of the Slido’s interactions you want to use.

Slido for Google Slides

Step 6: Add a Slido interaction

All you need to do now is hit the Present button or choose any of the interactions you want including a Slido poll, survey, and quiz.

You can still view any interactions you’ve created previously inside the Slido website, so you can just select them from here and run the presentation.

Slido for Google Slides

Step 7: Start your presentation!

Slido makes it even easier for you to show your audience how to interact with your polls and questions – it displays your event code at the top right corner of your presentation as it goes live.

Slido presentation with Google Slides

That’s it! Time to start making up some clever questions and polls for your next Google Slides presentation and see just how much of a difference Slido makes.

How to Add Slido to PowerPoint

Adding the Slido app to your presentation in PowerPoint is almost the same as in Google Slides with a few minor differences.

Step 1: Find the Office Add-ins Menu

First, open a presentation in your PowerPoint app and go to the Insert tab. You have a button called Get Add-ins in one of the columns. Click it to open the Office Add-ins.

Slido for PowerPoint

Step 2: Find the Web Viewer Add-in

This is similar to the G Suite Marketplace. However, this time you’re searching for the Web Viewer add-in, instead of the Slido app.

Click the Add button and you will go through a simple installation & setup process.

Slido for PowerPoint

Step 3: Connect Slido with Web Viewer

Now, you need to go to the Slido website and enter your account. Open the event you’ve created for the presentation you’re delivering and hit the Present mode button at the top right corner.

You have a menu called Copy Present mode link. Click it.

Slido for PowerPoint

Step 4: Link Slido with PowerPoint

Now that you’ve added the Web Viewer add-in to PowerPoint, you’ll be able to add it to a slide of your choice.

Once done, you need to paste the Slido present mode link into the field here.

Slido for PowerPoint

Step 5: Double-Check URL

Just one tiny thing – remove the HTTPS:// part of the link because it’s already added by the Web Viewer add-in, so there’s no need for it.

Also, it won’t work if you don’t remove it.

Slido for PowerPoint

Step 6: Preview Your Slido Polls

When you’re done, click the Preview button down in the right corner of the Web Viewer add-in. This action will display the questions your audience has submitted via the Slido app.

Slido for PowerPoint

Take it away

So, that’s it for the Slido integration with PowerPoint and Google Slides! Take it from here. In case you have any questions – post them in the comments below! We’d like to know how you work with Slido and what’s your best experience with the crowd asking and answering questions.