Slido Pricing - How to Choose Free vs Premium

Slido is a tool for presentations that turns Q&A sessions into more engaging conversations. It offers polls & quizzes to keep your audience focused on you and your brand.

You can use Slido to get the most out of meetings, conferences, and all kinds of presentations. Simply by allowing the audience to participate and be a part of the conversation.

Slido pricing can look a bit complicated at first, but it’s actually super simplified. It’s separated into 4 pricing categories – single event payment, annual, education plan, and a custom enterprise plan.

So from a one-time event where you can try out Slido, to an annual subscription where you can plan your polls ahead, you got the options that will fit your goals.

Let’s explain the Slido pricing and more specifically – which are the most important features you need when adding the app to your presentations & events.

Moderation of questions

One of the first major features that make Slido an engagement-boosting tool is the questions and more importantly – the moderation of those questions.

When you give people the chance to ask questions live, they can ask a lot of them. Sometimes too much of them. Sometimes, they can go wildly off-topic. Sometimes, they can even be inappropriate, offensive, or embarrassing.

Keep it clean and focused

Don’t get yourself and your audience overwhelmed by questions that are out of control.

In any case, choosing the questions that go live and dismissing the ones that shouldn’t is a vital part of your Slido interactions.

Okay, so in case you’re certain that your event doesn’t hide risk of unwanted questinos – you can go with the free plan. It’s made for meetings and conferences where you don’t usually worry for inappropriate questions from the crowd.

Otherwise, when you’re organizing a training, conference, or a kind of event with a substantial amount of people, it’s different. Going with any of the paid plans (they all include moderation) is highly recommended. Almost mandatory.


People need to know who you are. With presentations – your branding does the talking almost as much as you do. Sometimes even more. So, it’s important what your audience sees on the screen while you’re presenting.

That’s why Slido made sure they can help you keep your brand’s consistency across your presentation. This way you don’t interrupt it while the questions, polls, and quizzes come up between your slides.

The good thing is that Slido tried to make the default styles as neutral as possible. They don’t really clash with what you’re presenting.

Still, the not-so-good-thing is that if your brand has a strong color theme, such a radical change is easily noticed. It won’t help to keep your brand presence strong.

Adapt your background, themes, colors

Strengthen your brand presence while presenting by keeping the styles consistent.

So, what Slido lets you do is select from multiple themes or add a custom theme by setting up your main brand colors. Also, you can add your brand logo, a personalized background image, and a custom welcome screen.

You can create and run a Slido poll in seconds without losing time and momentum. Simply click the Create session button whenever you’re ready and you can choose from any of the Slido’s interactions you want to use.

Engagement Data & Analytics

You don’t expect you can just complete an event, training, meeting, or a conference presentation without taking a look at how everything went?

This way you can never know exactly how your Slido interactions performed. This is vital for planning your next ones to improve results with each next presentation.

The free version of Slido only offers analytics for the event. Which can help you figure out important takeaways for your next event, but it only goes so far.

With any of the paid Slido plans, you unlock access to exporting all of the deep data generated by Slido. You can export all of your event data, as well as your entire account analytics to get the bigger picture of how your Slido interactions are engaging your crowd.

The final verdict?

Well, of course, it will depend on what you’re planning and what you need for your events. Still, we have to say that the annual corporate plan is the no brainer here. In case you’re serious about really skyrocketing the audience engagement and interaction of your presentations.

It’s really the safest way to handle the growth of your audience that will inevitably come when the word about how awesome and interactive your events are.