Spencer is the Director of Brand Communications at Prezi. He is also going to be one of the speakers at the Present to Succeed conference in April.

In this episode, we discuss Prezi Video, the new reality of virtual presentations, how to be better at them, and some practical methods to help you plan any presentation better with the audience in mind.

Prezi and Prezi Video

We get insight into how Prezi Video came to be and how it now helps virtual presenting by putting the content and presenter on the same screen. A big part of decision-making is emotionally connecting, and the best way is a human connection. In a virtual presentation, the audience to be able to see you as the presenter, the emotion on your face, and how you react to things is a huge feat. And the fact that you don’t shrink to just a postage stamp picture is a huge boost of engagement. Presenting in a video environment is here to stay and it is much better than simple screen sharing.

Virtual presentations

Even before the pandemic, there was already a trend coming up, but working remotely and video content are thriving now. And some quick fixes are not to be ignored like sound and lighting quality, as well as boosting your confidence on camera.

Confidence can be gained with practice but also with little tricks like putting a photo next to the camera to feel like you are having a conversation with a person. Additionally, being 20% more animated in your movement helps you look more confident on camera, and raising your voice level slightly eliminates many filler words.

Practical methods for improvement

Emotional connection and trust can be gained by demonstrating to the audience what it is you can help them do. The greatest way to do this is by storytelling and making the audience the hero. The presenter’s role is that of the ally, the friend that you can overcome any struggle with. Additionally, Spencer shares some great practical advice with us. Undoubtedly, developing your presenting skills has a lot of advantages and the ability to be a good presenter can lift you up tremendously.

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