Since you loved our Virtual Presentations Special episode, we decided to do one on a topic that's not less exciting at all. And also because we didn’t have the time to record a new episode because of all the work on our conference Present to Succeed – the agenda is already online, and you can check it right away.

Now, we’d like to introduce you to the most recent episode of The World of Presentations podcast, dedicated to storytelling in presentations. Inside, we’ve compiled some of the best moments on the topic, chosen from the last more than 100 episodes.

Storytelling is something that goes inseparably with public speaking and delivering presentations. And as we’re sure you know, regardless of your profession, presentation skills are fundamental to success in the workplace. In this episode, we explore storytelling and how to incorporate it into presentations to get results.

We bring you the best of our guests’ perspectives on the subject. Parts of our discussions with Kendall Haven, Florian Mueck, Verineia Codrean, Simon Morton, Rob Willis, Andrea Sampson, Orsolya Nemes, and Alexei Kapterev include their most valuable advice. They are experts in the presentation field who have years of experience, and some of them were guests at our Present to Succeed conference in 2021 and will be on the stage again in 2022.

What is storytelling, and why it is important

Recently, the term “storytelling” has become extremely popular but misunderstood often. Orsolya Nemes, a Presentation Expert, Designer & Coach, claims that many people still mistake storytelling for motivational speaking or sharing intimate personal stories – but storytelling is none of these things. It is a toolbox that helps you structure your thoughts better. Episode here.

Kendall Haven, a master storyteller, and the only internationally recognized expert in the science of story structure, talks about tension in storytelling and how and why it is the driving force for attention. We always worry about what will happen next to the characters, and this question of tension holds our attention. Episode here.

Andrea Sampson, Executive Speaker’s Coach, Communication Expert, and Business Strategist, explains why it is worth it to become a better storyteller and that stories are like Trojan horses for ideas, the idea is coming along for the ride. Our brains hear a story, and they light up. Stories are exciting and help us connect, be engaged, and understand better. Episode here.

Practical advice

Florian Mueck, known as the charisma booster, gives a piece of great practical advice in the face of the rhetorical device called “exemplum” – giving out details while speaking. Be specific with your examples, not generic in your storytelling, is what Florian urges. Episode here.

Rob Willis, a presentation skills and storytelling trainer, talks about collecting stories and keeping a bank of stories to use in your speaking and presentations whenever you need to. “The worst time to look for a story is when you need one,” Rob says. Episode here.

Verineia Codrean, a top public speaking coach, shared interesting practical advice and differentiates between personal storytelling and your company’s storytelling, and showed how you can do both. Listen to the full episode for more details about it!

Dangers of storytelling and the dangers of not using any

Simon Morton, the founder of Eyeful Presentations Ltd and the author of “The Presentation Lab” book, tells you how a presentation might be a work of art, but if it does not start with your key message and the story, then it is a mistake. The packaging might be great, but your story is the message. Episode here.

Finally, Alexei Kapterev, the author of “Death by PowerPoint,” the world’s most popular presentation on presentations, talked about navigating storytelling’s perils. Storytelling is a powerful tool, but it can be a weapon, and you might not always need it. Educate yourself about the risks of storytelling and listen up to this latest episode. Episode here.

We hope you enjoy our storytelling selection!


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