Train The Trainer at SoftUni (Mistake 5 of 50): The Screensaver

The previous post from our series of mistakes from the train the trainer course at Software University was the use of a pointer for your presentation. Here is the next one:

Mistake: The screensaver turns on during your presentation

Why is this a problem: Not only is it unprofessional, but what about the fact that your screensaver may not be appropriate for your audience to see(yes, think of what screensavers people may set for their machines…). However, let’s say that the screensaver is not inappropriate. If so, it still disrupts the flow of your talk and that’s not OK.

Solution: Make sure you completely turn off your screensaver on the device you are going to be presenting from.
We saw that problem in cases in which the presenter was not presenting from his machine(back to this one), but that can happen even when that’s not the case and you are delivering your talk from you own device.

Here, now you are five steps closer to becoming a great trainer. ?

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