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Verineia is our first guest ever that joins us for the second time! She approached us a few months ago and just said: “I really have something super interesting to talk about!”. How can we say “No” to that one when we know it’s coming from her? So, here we go! Enjoy learning as we discussed how to tell a compelling story in less than 60 seconds!

Telling your story in this new world of short engagement times

Many people have heard about Joseph Campbell and The Hero’s Journey. However, what if you need to tell a compelling story in less than 60 seconds?

You are this, this, and this but not that

Here is an interesting one – figure out the three personality traits that you want people to know about you. Now think about who you are not. Next, come up with a story that supports each one of those traits you want people to know. Now, instead of telling: “I am creative!” which is boring and everyone says is thus no one will remember, tell the story that shows you are such.

Steve Jobs and his slides

When something looks seamless to you that means that amount of work on the design, the outline, and the overall preparation that was put in the process is simply incredible.

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