What's the Master Slide in PowerPoint

The Master Slide in PowerPoint is the main slide that defines and sets the layout, colors, fonts, backgrounds, effects, and almost everything else for the slides that follow it. Any changes you do to a font or upload a logo in the master slide – they will be applied to all the slides below automatically.

Think of the Master Slide as the starting point where you define the design guidelines for your entire PowerPoint presentation.

Once you enable and design your master slide you can make instant global changes to your entire presentation instead of repeating the same changes for each slide one at a time.

To turn it on and start customizing go to View > Slide Master.

Once you click Slide Master, PowerPoint will generate a set of slides underneath the main one. It will look like a template, although we advise you to use those slides just as an example of what’s possible once you customize them.

While the default PowerPoint slide template is plain with just a headline and subheading, the Master Slide gives you a bit more to work with in terms of layouts, columns, specified containers, and more.

Here’s how the biggest advantage of the Master Slide works. Take a look at a few examples of how you can adjust fonts, colors, and backgrounds for your entire presentation with just a single change.

Change the Font on All Slides

Remember that you need to be in the Slide Master tab to make global changes to your presentation. That’s where global settings are located. Here’s an example of how to change the font in your entire presentation with a single click.

Change the Colors on All Slides

The change of colors in the Master Slide happens by changing the entire color scheme for the presentation. This scheme comes with primary accent colors, secondary colors, etc. You can easily customize them so you can apply your own brand colors for a consistent design.

Change the Background on All Slides

Same as the other settings, you can instantly change the background color of all your slides with a single action. The good thing is that you can still change the background of single slides underneath your Master Slide so you have enough flexibility there.

Time to start!

We hope these tips showed you some useful new tricks for using the Master Slide in PowerPoint. We here at 356labs presentation agency are using them all the time. It’s a huge productivity boost when you need to build consistent presentations faster, so give it a go and let us know how it works for you!