Corporate template

The Business Case

Westernacher is a SAP consultancy based originally in Germany that nowadays has global presence all around the world. They just underwent a huge rebranding when we received a request from them to help them recreate their whole PowerPoint presentation template. The reason – not only the newly created brand identity but also issues with the old one – people were not using it and the organization ended up having almost no consistency across the presentations that were being produced.

The Solution

A system of tools that helps everyone who presents or prepares documents-type presentations with PowerPoint. What we ended up creating was a template based on the presentation use cases that we found from 60 slideshows and dozens of interviews we did with the people inside Westernacher. We also added an accompanying manual with instructions, example slides and how those slides were also achieved. A set of icons and photos that can be used with the new template were also created, as well as a 1-hour video with tips & tricks on how to use the template and all its files effectively.

The Introduction

Together with the template, the manual and all the other files, we also did a short introduction of the template over Skype for Business. The main goal of the session was to answer any question in regards to the template and help everyone in the organization build better slides faster.

The Results

A template that was widely accepted and that achieved its goal – to be of service to the presenters and help them create professionally-looking, consistent slides faster.

"It was a pleasure to collaborate with 356labs to create our new PowerPoint templates. I’d call this collaboration team work as we were working together, bouncing ideas regularly with each other like a team and the long distance between us didn’t stop us doing that. They were creative, quick to respond and very helpful. Not only have they achieved our expectations, but strived to support us whenever we need them. "

- Mei Wan Wong, Marketing Specialist in Westernacher

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