20% Price increase

The Business Case

Konstruktive came to us with a request to help them build a presentation for their company. Of course, as with most of our clients, they had nothing prepared and so, we needed to start from the story they wanted to tell. To put it simply,  what they do is they provide their customers with an end-to-end real estate service – from finding a land plot, to creating the architecture of the building and then selling the newly-built apartments. However, their request didn’t end with just “let’s build a great company deck”. They also wanted this presentation to help them sell their service in front of their customers who are private investors.

The Solution

We worked on the story together with the CEO of the company and one of their main sales & marketing people. The amount of questions we asked them especially in regards to what makes those type of investors buy, played a huge role in what our team came up with afterwards. Once we agreed that this is the message we want to leave them with, we gave the otherwise white slides with black Calibri text to our design crew.

The Design

We developed a beautiful PowerPoint presentation that can be exported as a PDF and optimized the PPTX file in such a way so that the exported document is with the smallest size possible without compromising on quality. And as for the overall design, the brand identity of Konstruktive is absolutely unique, so we made sure we stick to it. However, for that to happen, we developed our own iconography and visual elements so that we can support the story we were telling.

The Results

A presentation that impressed absolutely everyone so much that as per the words of the CEO of the company “helped us increase our overall prices by 20%”.

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