From Idea to 3000+ Tickets Sold

The Backstory

At 356labs, we had this idea of organizing a presentation conference for many, many years. However, we knew that if we are about to build our own event, we need to make something that has never ever been done before. And do it on a level that is hard to match. Why? We’re not sure, we’re just wired this way.

Now let’s start with a quick behind-the-scenes look from the conference itself.

The Business Case

We needed a 6-figure investment to pull off an event like the one we imagined. This meant we needed sponsors as we were not going to be able to do it on our own financially. But how do you find sponsors for an online presentation skills conference during times of COVID-19, when all the budgets are utterly frozen? Well, we found them by building a cutting-edge product and telling its story in a way as unique as we are.

The Solution

Building the largest premium presentation skills conference in the world requires a ton of preparation. Who knew? But let’s discuss the presentation part of the job. Our core efforts went into developing two separate presentations – one to pitch to sponsors and one to make some of the brightest minds in our industry crave to join us.

Telling you that we have updated and modified those two presentations a dozen of times wouldn’t be exactly true. We actually did it at least 100 times. We were constantly fine-tuning the copy, design, and every other element based on the feedback we were receiving. As a result, these two presentations helped us raise and invest more than €100K in the event. Oh, almost forgot about the name! For us, presentations should always enable you to achieve your goals. Thus, we named the conference Present to Succeed.

The Design

We were building a premium event, and we needed a brand identity that communicates this from the very first look. But we knew it was going to be a challenge, being our debut conference. So our solution was to create a clean and elegant visual identity with just the right amount of sophistication. An identity that reflects our obsession with quality and detail but at the same time communicates the event information clearly and directly.

Our conference combines the four main presentation elements: story, design, delivery, and presentation tools. We believe that they are all crucial to a successful presentation, and we wanted the logo to represent them all. So, we assigned a simple geometric shape to each track, which creates the conference logo. The elements were then used throughout the communication materials and on the event platform both as 2D and 3D shapes.

The Results

3000+ tickets sold. Companies like Adobe, Microsoft, and Canva requesting to sponsor us and become part of the event. А ton of clients asking us to help them with their virtual events. And finally, the fulfillment of doing it all the way we wanted.

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