Investment wonfrom Lufthansa

The Business Case

At the end of 2018, we got a call from the founder of 500LABS. He was invited to pitch his project as part of an international startup competition led by SAP and Lufthansa. The award – a huge amount of money and support for the execution of the project provided by Lufthansa themselves.

The Solution

We sat down together with Alex to find the proper message and build a whole new story for his pitch that will resonate with his audience. We found out who the jury of the competition was and researched them and as a result we went so far to even use a quote by the CDO(Chief Digital Officer) of Lufthansa “against him”. That, by the way, later on made the whole difference.

The Effects

Once the whole story was rewritten, we passed it on to our design team who decided to create some stunning motion effects for the presentation with the help of PowerPoint and the so called Morph transition. When the slides were ready, Alex decided (without us telling him) he will spend a whole day rehearsing. What a great idea!

Before & After

Alex had something developed but once our team saw it, we were convinced we need to recreate it from scratch. The main issue – the information he prepared was way too technical for the audience who was about to be in front of him.

The Results

500LABS won the big award in their category.
More information can be found here

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