A progress reportlike no other

The Business Case

Presenting the progress that a brand and its products did and showcasing what’s next is not something unusual or at least, not for Pernod Ricard. However, this time it was different as their teams were asked to prepare such presentation for someone who, let’s just say, plays a very important role in the organization. What’s more, a lot was at stake as at the end of this talk and based on it, an important strategic decision needed to be taken.

The Solution

This presentation had to be second to none in every aspect. The marketing teams came extremely prepared with all the data for each brand. However, our work was to make sure this virtual presentation will not just look incredible but also run smoothly. The latter, is quite a challenge having in mind how this new online world works and how much animation and videos we used.

The Effects

Going above and beyond with the effects came naturally. Each product had beautiful elements to play with and give life to. We especially made sure the slides introducing each alcohol brand unfold and reveal the product in a special way, playing with different animations and morph to bring in organic elements like leaves, herbs and shadows for the Becherovkas and glasses and main ingredients for Wybrowa.

The Results

The suggested direction was approved by the executive at Pernod Ricard. What’s more, the design of the presentation was accepted so well that the company asked us to create a template out of it so that every future meeting they hold will be based on it.

Data on slides is obscured to preserve confidentiality.

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