€5 Million raised

The Business Case

Shrapist came to us as a recommendation from our work with SAP.iO in Berlin. One of the startup teams there told the Founder of Sharpist that if they need help with their investor deck, they should definitely reach out to our team.

And so, they did. They wanted us to help them with their message and the design of their slides because they were in the process of raising money from investors and for that to happen, they had to tell their story in the most perfect way possible!

The Solution

We helped the guys at Sharpist craft the story for their talk and then we worked on the slide design. However, once we were ready with that project, it turned out that they also need a leave behind document based on their pitch. That’s something our team also did. The collaboration went through Google Slides but the end result was also exported to PowerPoint.

The Effects

Even though most of the work was done collaborating in Google Slides, we animated the slides with the help of PowerPoint. We used the Morph Transition mainly plus we decided to add a few videos at specific moments of the talk to keep the engagement high. We used wireframes so that the videos are also brought to life and the audience can experience the app as they are looking at it on their mobile phone or desktop.

The Results

Sharpist raised 5 Million Euro.

Data on slides is obscured to preserve confidentiality.

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