The Business Case

Detail Online is a software company based in Stockholm, Sweden. When we received their initial e-mail, we were blown away! Detail approached us with a request to build their whole sales collateral – from a one-pager and presentations for every case in the sales cycle to a template they needed to generate interest in potential clients.

The Solution

We first worked on the story that was going to be told when Detail was presenting in front of potential clients. Once we clarified that one and created the slides for it, we moved on to the full-blown document that was going to be sent over after a meeting. Next, it was the turn of the short version of that document and the one-pager which you can also see here on this page.

The Template

At the end, we created the pre-study template. This is a full-blown template serving very specific needs all of which related to the specifics of their sales process. The main idea here was to enable a group of people to easily create very specific slides that are based on some heavy research but all of those slides to also look as professional presentation designers did them.

The Design

As Detail Online just rebranded, we wanted to stick to the newly created identity. What’s interesting here is that a ton of the elements we produced for the presentations ended up being reused in various other materials the company produced afterwards, including their website.

Before & After

Detail had a previous sales presentation that they used numerous times to pitch their product in front of potential clients. However, it was built by the Founder of the company and even though he did quite a good job, he knew there was another level and that if they can get to it, that will immediately help them differentiate even further.

The Results

We ended up speaking in Stockholm and spending some in-person time with the team at Detail. However, the Founder of the company brought a whole army of people to our event with the words: “These are the guys that build our sales materials. You have to see them!”.