€40+ Million Raised

The Business Case

The most high-stakes project we worked on up until today. The Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Gradus.

Our team was invited to help the company develop and deliver the presentation that introduced the listing of Gradus on the public market. As this is the most critical moment in the company’s history, they wanted everything to be perfect. This, of course, set the bar high and we… We were up for it!

The Solution

The project took 4 months of work. Our team built two presentations – one for the live event and one that was sent as a pre-read document before potential investor meetings. What’s more, we prepared the CEO of Gradus on how to deliver the presentation and handle any situation when in front of the media and hundreds of investors.

The Design

Our creative team explored the brand’s identity in detail. However, we wanted to get to the next level. We wanted to create presentations that looked premium, modern and yet a bit playful. That’s why we decided to also incorporate hand-drawn illustrations for some of the core messages and explored every single detail dozens if not hundreds of times.

Before & After

Grauds and FFBH had a few slides ready because of previous presentations they worked on together. However, as they didn’t have a presentation designer inhouse, these slides were not on the level that a business case like this one requires. That’s yet another reason why we got the invitation.

The Results

Gradus became the second biggest IPO in the history of Bulgaria raising 40+ Million Euro.

"We are extremely happy and thankful to the whole team at 356labs. They not only did help us build and deliver our presentations successfully but they were the only ones who remained calm and relaxed when the project and the emotions in it got a little bit intense. Thank you for the incredible, incredible work!

- Angel Angelov, CEO, Gradus

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