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The Business Case

Our project with Modis was one of the most interesting and at the same time challenging ones. As a subdivision of Adecco Group, Modis offers to its clients an incredibly rich portfolio of IT services. They came to us because they wanted to level up their sales presentation – both the one they deliver in front of their clients and the one they send over e-mail. This looked like a typical request until we received all the files – hundreds and hundreds of pages in Word and PowerPoint files that we needed to systematize first and craft the story from before we move to the design phase.

The Solution

We created a conversational-style presentation because of the specifics of the meetings they were getting to and an accompanying PDF that they were able to send before or after a meeting. Both files were 100+ pages/slides and just when we thought we were ready, Modis asked us to create the design of a brochure they wanted to print later on. Of course, we did that one too by keeping the same style and overall look & feel of the newly created sales presentations.

The Effects

We used the latest and greatest in the world of presentations – PowerPoint Zoom and the not that new now Morph Transition to build two stunning presentations. The document that was planned for before or after the meetings was also created in PowerPoint so that it can be updated later on if needed and reexported again. However, we optimized it even further through a specific compressing software – NXPowerLite – to make sure it is as small as possible while not compromising on quality.

Before & After

The files we received from Modis at the initial stage of the project were not just a lot, but their design was not on a top-level either. What’s more, the company just rebranded and no file in the package was following the new brand guidelines.

The Results

Sales presentations so effective that helped the company close a deal with one of the biggest companies in the world.

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