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The Business Case

At the end of August, we were contacted by David Rosenbaum from Rosenbaum Group, a company offering a new kind of clinical research services. It was an important moment for them, as the company was a finalist for the Reuters Award in the category Entrepreneurship: Health Solution.  What they look for in the winner are new ways to serve patients or health professionals in a beneficial way. Rosenbaum Group’s solution is not built around cool buzzwords like ML or AI, but around easier communication between the parties involved. 

A Different Approach

We started from the audience – the jury which David knew well and was in contact with. When we looked into their social media profiles and the interviews they gave for the Reuters Award, we understood that they cared about patients, their families and how a clinical trial has an effect on everyone. That is why David decided to tell a personal story about his grandfather, whom everybody called Freddy the Pink, located in a small town in Slovakia. What is more, for the creative part, we decided not to use a presentation, but to mix video and animations to tell the story better.

The Design

We knew the design needed to reinforce the storytelling and solidify our approach. This is why we focused on an illustration style filled with textures and characters – one you would find in a storybook. We wanted to not only grab our audience with a relatable, emotional story, but also reinforce said story with all the visual power we can get. Having the illustrations flow next to David, as he is presenting, really makes it feel like you could see right in his mind, while he is recalling the warm memories of his grandfather. We chose a frame-by-frame animation technique, as it adds to the tactile feeling and look of storybooks.

The Results

Indeed David did not win the award but because of this presentation he got noticed by some very important organizations that became potential customers for him.

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