3x moreclient meetings

The Business Case

Back in September 2020 we were contacted by one of the Area Sales Managers of Tubadzin. We knew each other from an extensive training program we did with a company she worked for before. This is how she knew that we were the ones to help her in this important for her project. She was invited to a premium event for architects and interior designers to present the products that Tubadzin can offer and how that can leverage the whole design. However, we did not want to create a pure sales presentation, we wanted to do something different…

The Solution

Our client Nely was already prepared with the story – she used all of the advice and knowledge we gave her during the training she attended. This was extremely fulfilling for us and made our collaboration flawless. We started with brainstorming our audience and looking for the typical presentations they see during these meetings to propose a different approach. One thing was clear – we did not want to simply sell them a product, we wanted them to dive in the Tubadzin universe of beauty and see how these products can be applied in real life.

The Design

The overall style and vibe in the presentation are inspired by the unity with nature that we want to experience when we use Tubadzin’s products. Textures, smooth movements and the color palette are all inspired by raw materials which we find in nature. Since we wanted to add an element which will be closer to our audience – architects, we decided to use a grid that they are familiar with to simply add to the atmosphere of the talk.

Before & After

Nely had something prepared already. Even though it looked fairly clean and simple, she felt it did not represent in the best possible way the amazing products the company has.

The Results

Our client received an amazing feedback and most importantly – her client meetings tripled.

"Everything is going surprisingly well after the presentation and I just came back from the event. I already have 3 more invitations to speak at other places and some architecture offices also want us to work on projects together."

- Nely Stojanowa, Area Sales Manager in Tubadzin